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Pre Ride Checklist


Clean the two-wheeler body surface regularly to maintain the surface finish. Use specifically designed cleaning products only.
Check engine oil level each day before operating the two-wheeler.Oil level must be maintained between the upper(2) and lower (3) level marks. Check for any leaks.
Ensure sufficient fuel is available in your fuel tank for your journey. Check for any leaks.
Make sure that your Ravi bike's front and rear brake are working as accordingly before staring your journey. It will ensure your and passenger's safety.
Check tyre condition and air pressure. Whenever you check the tyre air pressure, you should also examine tyre treads & sidewalls for wear, damage & foreign objects.
Check for smooth rotation of the throttle grip from the fully open to the fully closed position. Check at full left and full right steering positions. Inspect the condition of the throttle cable from the throttle grip down to the carburetor.
Check for smooth CLUTCH operation and adjust the free play. Clutch adjustment may be required if the two-wheeler stalls when shifting into gear or if the clutch slips, causing acceleration to lag behind engine speed. Normal clutch lever free play is 10-20 mm at the lever.
Check the battery electrolyte. The electrolyte level must be maintained between the upper and lower level marks in the side of battery.
Check if the headlight, tail /stop light, turn signals, indicators and horn function properly.
Ensure that the rear view mirror gives a good rear view when you are sitting on the motorcycle.

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