Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the current price of Ravi Piaggio 125?

Current price of Ravi Piaggio 125cc is Rs. 112, find 000/- .

How many models are in Ravi Piaggio 125?

RAVI STORM 125 or famously known as Ravi Piaggio 125 has only ONE model i.e. STORM 125cc

From where Ravi Bikes can be purchased?

Ravi Motorcycles including Ravi Piaggio 125 are available at:
a- Ravi Sales Dealers Network (see the DEALERS NETWORK page)
b- Pak Army Canteen Store Departments (CSD)
c- Pakistan Air Force Basis
d- Singer Pakistan outlets
e- AGROW outlets (Kasur, viagra 60mg Pakpattan, Chishtian, Sheikhupura, Warburton)

What is the availability of Ravi Storm 125 spare parts?

All kind of spare parts are available at our Sales / Service / Warranty outlets.
For your nearest DEALER, decease please visit our DEALER NETWORK web page.

Ravi Piaggio 125: is it 100% Italian, Imported or Local Assembled?

The Ravi Piaggio 125 or Ravi Storm 125 is designed by Italian Engineers. Its 80% parts (including Engine) are imported from PIAGGIO, case and 20% parts are manufactured in Pakistan. Being as an OEM standard manufacturing concern we are also manufacturing 10% parts in our factory (Ravi Automobile). The bike is then assembled in Pakistan.

What are the Unique Features of Storm 125 that other’s don’t have in 125 class?

Outstanding Features of Storm 125:

1. Italian Technology with EURO-2 (Engine) Emission Standards.
2. Ravi Piaggio has 126cc Engine with modern combustion chamber and auto adjustable over head valve mechanism developed by Italian Engineers which results a petrol average of 60 KM / LITER.
3. Ravi Piaggio has most modern Ayrodynamic Body Shapes.
4. Ravi Piaggio has Self Start and Kick Start (dual) feature.
5. Ravi Piaggio has parking light and passing light.
6. Ravi Piaggio has 16 Liters Fuel Tank.
7. Front and Rear suspensions are most comfortable in its class because of its Long Wheel Base.
8. Ravi Piaggio has front disc unit at left side and rear drum brake at right side, order as well as its brake shoes are wider for best breaking efficiency which ensures the safety on road.

What is the Petrol Average of Ravi Piaggio 125?

The petrol average of Ravi Piaggio 125 is 60 KM / Liter (if standard conditions followed)
Standard Conditions for Ravi Piaggio 125 = Single Rider – Straight & Easy Road – Speed of 60 ~ 80 – Gear 4 ~ 5

However you can check the fuel average by yourself:
During the filling of fuel tank, bike must be on main stand on a smooth surface.
Must fill the petrol up till the neck of petrol tank filling tube.
Before riding the bike on road you must note the total kilometres shown on your bike’s speedometer.
For the calculation of petrol consumed in total kilometres travelled, you must re-fill the petrol tank up till the same aforesaid point.
By using following mentioned formula you can obtain the actual result.

FORMULA: (Fuel Average = Total Kms run / Fuel consumed in Liters)
For any further details, please contact any nearest authorized RAVI DEALER.

RAVI Automobile had conducted Petrol Average Tests through the country and Ravi bikes had proved with best petrol average, we also had provided Ravi Petrol Averate Test Kits to our trained authorize service dealers to test the Petrol Average of Ravi Bikes.

You must remember that best petrol average is possible with single rider without pillion rider or pillion weight, following ideal conditions are essential:

Technically bike should be in good condition.

Smart fit clothing (of rider) is ideal, loose cloths will create extra air resistance.

Petrol to be used should be of very good quality (87~89 octane rating).

Roads should be plain without humps and bumps.

During riding very few braking are allowed.

Hard acceleration is stictly prohibited.

Cold tyre pressure Front: 26-28 Pound, Rear: 30~32 Pound

Bike speed must be between 45~60 km per hour


What is the top speed of Storm 125 and can it be increased?

Its top speed is recorded 100 ~ 110 km/h in standard conditions, rx with standard adjustments.
With different kind of alterations; speed can be increased up to 130 km/h but it is not recommended because it may reduce the petroll average, loss of peace and harmony of bike, safety of the bike and durability of specific parts.

Do you have ONLINE booking option for Ravi Piaggio 125?

Currently there is no such option but we are working on such option.

Can I get any bike or Piaggio 125 on Easy Installments from Factory?

No; we does not offer any installments plan for any customer in any scenario. However there are several dealers which might offer the installment plan.

For your nearest dealer contact information; you are requested to go our DEALER NETWORK page.

What is Euro-2, Emission Control Unit, ECU and how it works?

With the advancement and development of universal modern industry, price the problem of environmental pollution is getting worse. Besides emission of industry, buy emission pollution of vehicles and motorcycles is increasingly noticed. The corresponding emission rules of law are also increasingly strict. From 2009, the minimum emission value of two-wheel motorcycle is regulated in Pakistan by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency, of Pakistan).
Exhaust pipe emission includes CO (Carbon Mono oxide), HC (Hydro Carbons), NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) and CO2 (Carbon Dioxide).
Emission from vehicles are controlled through as per standards of Pakistan Environment Protection Agency (PAK-EPA) under clause (e) of session 6(1) of the Pakistan Environment Protection Act, 1997, and with the approval of the Pakistan Environment Protection Council, established national environmental quality (NEQS) as follows:

Structure and working principle of EURO-II (emission control unit, ECU):
Emission control unit mainly includes air pump, air cleaner, connecting pipe and accelerant-catalyzing device.
The air pump, in accordance with the principle of engine ripple control, controls the air flow volume. Fresh air could be inhaled into the exhausted pipe and mixed with the un-burnt CO, HC which exhausted from combustion room. This device could help to reduce the exhaust emission of motorcycle and to reach the Euro-2 emission standard.

How to repair Euro-2 (Emission Control Unit, ECU)?

Users must conduct a regular maintenance to keep the  device in good working condition. The troubles can be solved and a long service life can be ensured via a correct and regular maintenance, medicine which can also cut  down the maintenance cost and fuel consumption.

Details as follows:
  • Inspect the circlip of inlet negative pressure hose and rubber hose, fixing bolt of inlet steel manifold periodically for tightness. Tighten or replace as necessary.
  • Check the inlet negative pressure hose and rubber hose periodically for damage and aging. Replace them as necessary.
  • Replace it if the air pump fails to work or fails to be plugged in.
  • Check the state of air filter. Dust or dirt in the filter will reduce the air flow and change the mixture ratio, which will result in high fuel consumption. Replace the air filter as necessary.
  • Check accelerant-catalyzing device, change it if necessary.


Emission control unit must be serviced by professional motorcycle serviceman or authorized RAVI/PIAGGIO dealer.
Never adjust the device by yourself.

What are the safety riding measures?

The utmost goal that you need to have in motorcycle riding is to reach your destination safety.

In the world of riding, especially motorcycle riding, it’s always a lose situation for all riders. Why? Either way, if you knock someone or someone knocks you, you will fall. Be it who’s the one at fault. But the fatal ones are always motorcyclist. A crush at 70km/hr is almost the same as dropping off from a building of 7 storey high. As a rider, I always make sure I will not be the victim of this. I live in a country where traffic is so bad; traffic jam is all around the country when it’s office rush hour; so always keep you off dangers and accidents.

Before you learn how to ride fast, you need to know how to stop fast first!

Check list that every motorcycle rider should follow:

  1. Tyre check for any cracks or bulges, or signs of wear in the treads. Low tire pressure or any defects could cause a blowout.
  2. Under the motorcycle Look for signs of oil or gas leaks.
  3. Headlight, taillight and signals Test for high and low beams. Make sure that all lights are functioning.
  4. Hydraulic and Coolant fluids Level should be checked weekly.
  5. Clutch and throttle Make sure they are working smoothly. Throttle should snap back when released.
  6. Mirrors Clean and adjust both mirrors to ensure sharpest viewing.
  7. Brakes Test front and rear brakes. Each brake should feel firm and hold the motorcycle still when fully applied.
  8. Horn Test the horn, but don’t use too much horn on road especially near schools and hospitals.
  9. Outerwear Jackets and Pants are the safest as they have a greater resistance to tearing as compared to shalwar-kameez.
  10. Always wear a helmet with a face shield or protective eye wear wearing a helmet is the best way to protect against severe head injuries. A motorcycle rider not wearing a helmet is five times more likely to sustain a critical head injury.
  11. Wear appropriate Make sure to wear protective clothing that will minimize the amount of injuries in case of an accident or a skid. Wearing leather clothing, boots with nonskid soles, and gloves can protect your body from severe injuries.
Consider attaching reflective tape to your clothing to make it easier for other drivers to see you. Even if you do not want to wear the armored jackets, try to wear bright colors. So other motorists can see you. And please, do not get mesh jacket. Yes, it’s cooler but it will not keep the armors in place during an event of accident. Most of riders have already encountered this. So please, get a good jacket.
  • Follow traffic rules Obey the speed limit; the faster you go the longer it will take you to stop. Be aware of local traffic laws and rules of the road.
  • Ride defensively Don’t assume that a driver can see you, as nearly two-thirds of all motorcycle accidents are caused by a driver violating a rider’s right of way. You should always ride with your headlights on; stay out of a driver’s blind spot; signal well in advance of any change in direction; and watch for turning vehicles.
  • Keep your riding skills honed through education Complete a formal riding education program, get licensed and take riding courses from time to time to develop riding techniques and to sharpen your street-riding strategies.
  • Be awake and ride sober Don’t drink and ride, you could cause harm to yourself and others. Additionally, fatigue and drowsiness can impair your ability to react, so make sure that you are well rested when you hit the road.
On Road Safety?

When you are on road, always remember that you are not alone on the road. Other motorists are also using the road. All accidents are because of other motorist. So my advice to you when you are riding on the road is, anticipate. Anticipate what other road users are going to do. Keep a distance from them. Will they suddenly turn into my lane? Are they showing the wrong signals? All these questions should keep flashing in your mind when you are riding. Just to keep yourself from falling.Sometime Motorcycles are faster than motorcars. Best is to follow the front car’s tyre, be it left one or right one. So if there is something on the road, the car will shake once its tyres roll over it. So you will be much prepared for it.

Which lube oil should I use for Ravi bike and when it needs to change?

Lube oil does in a bike like blood circulate in a human body, ailment so lube oils must be multi grade, viagra 100mg efficient and clean to protect engine parts by performing its 9 basic functions (mentioned below).
For Ravi-Piaggio products use only API (American Petroleum Institute) standard lube oils. Current API service categories include SM, online SL and SJ for gasoline engines; All previous service designations are obsolete, although motorcycle oils commonly still use SF/SG standards.
Use lube oils marketed by well reputed companies in Pakistan. You can use Caltex, Shell and Castrol 4 stroke oils, 10W40 in cold weather and 20W50 is recommended in hot weather.
For best performance of Ravi-Piaggio machines, lube oil must be changed at the completion of first 500 kilometres; subsequently during periodic maintenance at every 1500 ~ 1800 kilometres engine oil must be changed.

How can I check the petrol average of my bike?

You can check the fuel average by yourself by fill the fuel tank of your bike.
  1. During the filling of fuel tank, buy cialis tadalafil bike must be on main stand on a smooth surface.
  2. Must fill the petrol up till the neck of petrol tank filling tube.
  3. Before riding the bike on road you must note the total Kilometres shown on your bike’s speedometer.
  4. For the calculation of petrol consumed in total Kilometres travelled, levitra you must re-fill the petrol tank up till the same aforesaid point.
  5. By using following mentioned formula you can obtain the actual result.
Formula: (Fuel Average = Total Kms run / fuel consumed in Litters)
for further detail, please contact any nearest authorize RAVI dealer.
RAVI Automobile Pvt. Ltd. Had conducted PETROL AVERAGE TESTS through the country and RAVI bikes had proved with best petrol average, we also had provided RAVI PETROL AVERAGE TEST KITS to our trained authorize service dealers to test the petrol average.
Best petrol average is possible with single rider (driver only) without pillion rider or pillion weight;
Following ideal conditions are essential:
  1. Technically bike should be in good condition.
  2. Smart fit clothing is ideal, loose cloths will create extra air resistance.
  3. Petrol to be used should be of very good quality (87~89 octane rating)
  4. Roads should be plain without humps and bumps.
  5. During riding very few braking are allowed.
  6. Hard acceleration is strictly prohibited.

How and where can I get free service of my new Ravi / Piaggio bike?

RAVI Automobile Pvt Ltd. provide 1st free service coupon attached in your warranty service manual to avail free service facilities during first 1200 Kms or till completion of 1 month after purchasing date of your new RAVI bike, here it is best to use this coupons within recommended duration/Kms to avoid the expiry of free service coupon. Otherwise you will miss the chance to avail it.
Ravi Automobile Pvt. Ltd have almost 400 authorized service dealers (3S / Warranty / Service) and 200 Ravi Mechanics country wide where all technicians are company trained to provide high quality services. You can easily approach any nearest authorized RAVI service shop by searching the address printed in last pages of warranty/service manual which is provided with your new RAVI bike.

How can I get satisfactory performance of my bike?

Parts on bike will be worn or loose during riding. A regular maintenance will help keep your new bike operating at peak performance. Lack of regular maintenance can effect safety and reliability of your bike and shorten the periodic maintenance

  1. For a new bike must get it repair from authorized RAVI dealer, stomach and get free serviced against the free service coupon provided in each warranty & service manual given along with the bike.
  2. A clean bike with good acceleration performance is easy to start.
  3. Proper clutch disengagement and proper operation of gear shifting lever and throttle control grip.
  4. Proper operation of brake lever and brake shoes.
  1. Reliable operation of front and rear shock absorbers.
  2. Correct air pressure in front and rear tyres.
  3. Proper routing and connections of all electrical connectors/couplers and all operational cables.
  1. Well lubrication of all moving parts and there are no leaks.

What are the bike maintenance & safety precautions?

When there are some problems with bike, viagra you can have it repaired at RAVI professional service centers. Parts on the bike will be worn or loose during riding. Lack of regular maintenance can affect the safety and reliability of your bike and shorten the service life. So a regular maintenance will help to keep your bike new.
  1. When bike is being repaired, please use the components, accessories, lube oil and other accessorial materials which produced or recommended by our company. If you use the components which are not suit able for this bike, it will influence the motility, reliability, stability and comfort of bike. Seriously, the bike will be destroyed.
  1. After disassembly during reassembling, please replace new gasket, sealing components and opening pins.
  1. When tightening bolts and nuts, you should do with the principle of diagonal crossover and completely tighten them to the standard torque value 2 or 3 times.
  1. When cleaning the components, please adopt non-burning cleaning fluid. Pore some lube oil on the moving parts of components before installation.
  1. After installation, check whether components are installed correctly. Check methods are circumrotating, movement, operation and inspection.
  1. When disassembling bike please use appropriative maintenance tools.
  1. Please repair bike with flameout. If the bike needs to be repaired while engine is working, please do it at a well ventilated place, because the exhaust gas from bike contains poisonous Carbon monoxide. Gas is easy to burn or explode, so do not smoke or ignite at maintenance place.
  1. The electrolyte of battery consists of vitriol. If eyes, skin and clothes are spattered with electrolyte, completely clean it with water. Seriously, please go to hospital.
  1. There is hydrous gas from battery, which is flammable and explosive, so do not smoke, ignite fire nearby.
  1. Important load distribution could have an impact on the performance and stability of the bike so Fix all the load tightly on the bike, never put the load on steering head, front fender, and front fork.

What is the initial running of a bike (break in procedure)?

The initial running phase of the bike is called break in procedure. Break in procedure is very important for a new bike which will have a direct impact on the service life. Maintain a bike during and after the first break in procedure will assure the future best performance and long term durability.

Pay attention to the following during the break in procedure:

1- For the first 1000 km keep the engine speed below 6500 rpm in all gears and bike speed must be below 60 km/h and avoid riding at the same speed for a long distance.
2- Frequently inspect the connecting parts for tightness; tighten brakes, order clutch, prescription throttle, chain free play, tyre pressure and engine nut bolts as necessary.
3- Check whether the bike transmission system and brake system is overheating, if has find out the reason and solve the problem.
4- Replace the engine oil and clean air filter element every 500 km during break in.
5- Warm engine up before operating, and limit speed during first 1 ~ 5 kms.
6- Change the speed as load increased to avoid the engine wear or damage, do not overload the engine.
7- Avoid hard breaking.

When new model of Storm 125 is Coming?

Till now we have no official Plan. If there will be any plan for launching new Model of PIAGGIO STORM 125, ambulance it will be announced properly and well time before.