Follow these RAVI’s expert checklist for your motorbike.

With spring in the air, it may be tempting to get your bike out and on the road sooner rather than later, but it’s important to give your motorcycle a good once over before you do. Some of the tips below may seem like common sense, but sometimes it’s the small things that people tend to forget. It’s important to correct issues and concerns with your motorcycle before they become costly repairs, or worse, affect your safety. As a responsible Motorcycle Company, here’s our list of things to look for before going out for a ride.

  • Engine Oil Level. Check engine oil level each day before operating the motorcycle. Oil level must be maintained between the upper and lower level marks on the oil level dipstick. Check for engine oil leaks.
  • Fuel/Petrol Level. Ensure sufficient fuel is available in your fuel tank for your journey. Check for leaks. Do not operate the two-wheeler with the fuel valve in the “RES” position after refilling, you may run out of fuel, with no reserve. Do not keep the fuel valve between “ON” and “OFF” position while riding, since this may drain reserve fuel from the tank.
  • Front/Rear Brakes. Check both brakes operation and adjust free play if necessary. 
  • Tyres with required Air Pressure. Properly inflated tyres provide the best combination of handling, tread life and riding comfort. Generally, under inflated tyres wear unevenly, adversely affect handling, and are more likely to fail from being overheated.Under inflated tyres can also cause wheel damage in rocky terrain. Over inflation / under inflation will affect the performance. Make sure both the tyres are with required air pressure.
  • Clutch Adjustment. Clutch adjustment may be required if the motorcycle stalls when shifting in to gear or tends to creep or if the clutch slips causing acceleration to lag behind engine speed.
  • Drive Chain. The service life of the drive chain is dependent upon proper lubrication and adjustment. Poor maintenance can cause premature wear or damage to the drive chain and sprockets. The drive chain should be checked and lubricated as part of the Pre-ride Inspection. Under severe usage, or when the motorcycle is ridden in unusually dusty areas, more frequent maintenance will be necessary.
  • Throttle Operation. Check for smooth rotation of the throttle grip from the fully open to the fully closed position. Check at full left and full right steering positions. Inspect the condition of the throttle cable from the throttle grip down to the carburetor. 
  • Lamps & Horn. Check if the headlamp, Tail lamp, Turn signal lamp, Indicators, and Horn are working properly.
  • Rear View Mirror. Ensure that the rear view mirror gives the better view when you are sitting on the motorcycle.
  • Steering. Check that the control cables do not interfere with the handlebar rotation. Check for smooth action & maneuverability.


  • Fitting & Fasteners. Although it is not included in the pre-ride cehcklist on daily basis but it is very important to tighten bolts and nuts at regular intervals as of your motorbike maintenance schedule.

Clean the two-wheeler body surface regularly to maintain the surface finish. Use specifically designed cleaning products only. Thoroughly examine  parts in your motorcycle. They’ll go a long way in ensuring safety while riding.