How and where can I get free service of my new Ravi / Piaggio bike?

RAVI Automobile Pvt Ltd. provide 1st free service coupon attached in your warranty service manual to avail free service facilities during first 1200 Kms or till completion of 1 month after purchasing date of your new RAVI bike, here it is best to use this coupons within recommended duration/Kms to avoid the expiry of free service coupon. Otherwise you will miss the chance to avail it.
Ravi Automobile Pvt. Ltd have almost 400 authorized service dealers (3S / Warranty / Service) and 200 Ravi Mechanics country wide where all technicians are company trained to provide high quality services. You can easily approach any nearest authorized RAVI service shop by searching the address printed in last pages of warranty/service manual which is provided with your new RAVI bike.

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