How can I check the petrol average of my bike?

You can check the fuel average by yourself by fill the fuel tank of your bike.
  1. During the filling of fuel tank, buy cialis tadalafil bike must be on main stand on a smooth surface.
  2. Must fill the petrol up till the neck of petrol tank filling tube.
  3. Before riding the bike on road you must note the total Kilometres shown on your bike’s speedometer.
  4. For the calculation of petrol consumed in total Kilometres travelled, levitra you must re-fill the petrol tank up till the same aforesaid point.
  5. By using following mentioned formula you can obtain the actual result.
Formula: (Fuel Average = Total Kms run / fuel consumed in Litters)
for further detail, please contact any nearest authorize RAVI dealer.
RAVI Automobile Pvt. Ltd. Had conducted PETROL AVERAGE TESTS through the country and RAVI bikes had proved with best petrol average, we also had provided RAVI PETROL AVERAGE TEST KITS to our trained authorize service dealers to test the petrol average.
Best petrol average is possible with single rider (driver only) without pillion rider or pillion weight;
Following ideal conditions are essential:
  1. Technically bike should be in good condition.
  2. Smart fit clothing is ideal, loose cloths will create extra air resistance.
  3. Petrol to be used should be of very good quality (87~89 octane rating)
  4. Roads should be plain without humps and bumps.
  5. During riding very few braking are allowed.
  6. Hard acceleration is strictly prohibited.

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