How can I get satisfactory performance of my bike?

Parts on bike will be worn or loose during riding. A regular maintenance will help keep your new bike operating at peak performance. Lack of regular maintenance can effect safety and reliability of your bike and shorten the periodic maintenance

  1. For a new bike must get it repair from authorized RAVI dealer, stomach and get free serviced against the free service coupon provided in each warranty & service manual given along with the bike.
  2. A clean bike with good acceleration performance is easy to start.
  3. Proper clutch disengagement and proper operation of gear shifting lever and throttle control grip.
  4. Proper operation of brake lever and brake shoes.
  1. Reliable operation of front and rear shock absorbers.
  2. Correct air pressure in front and rear tyres.
  3. Proper routing and connections of all electrical connectors/couplers and all operational cables.
  1. Well lubrication of all moving parts and there are no leaks.

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