How to repair Euro-2 (Emission Control Unit, ECU)?

Users must conduct a regular maintenance to keep the  device in good working condition. The troubles can be solved and a long service life can be ensured via a correct and regular maintenance, medicine which can also cut  down the maintenance cost and fuel consumption.

Details as follows:
  • Inspect the circlip of inlet negative pressure hose and rubber hose, fixing bolt of inlet steel manifold periodically for tightness. Tighten or replace as necessary.
  • Check the inlet negative pressure hose and rubber hose periodically for damage and aging. Replace them as necessary.
  • Replace it if the air pump fails to work or fails to be plugged in.
  • Check the state of air filter. Dust or dirt in the filter will reduce the air flow and change the mixture ratio, which will result in high fuel consumption. Replace the air filter as necessary.
  • Check accelerant-catalyzing device, change it if necessary.


Emission control unit must be serviced by professional motorcycle serviceman or authorized RAVI/PIAGGIO dealer.
Never adjust the device by yourself.

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