What are the bike maintenance & safety precautions?

When there are some problems with bike, viagra you can have it repaired at RAVI professional service centers. Parts on the bike will be worn or loose during riding. Lack of regular maintenance can affect the safety and reliability of your bike and shorten the service life. So a regular maintenance will help to keep your bike new.
  1. When bike is being repaired, please use the components, accessories, lube oil and other accessorial materials which produced or recommended by our company. If you use the components which are not suit able for this bike, it will influence the motility, reliability, stability and comfort of bike. Seriously, the bike will be destroyed.
  1. After disassembly during reassembling, please replace new gasket, sealing components and opening pins.
  1. When tightening bolts and nuts, you should do with the principle of diagonal crossover and completely tighten them to the standard torque value 2 or 3 times.
  1. When cleaning the components, please adopt non-burning cleaning fluid. Pore some lube oil on the moving parts of components before installation.
  1. After installation, check whether components are installed correctly. Check methods are circumrotating, movement, operation and inspection.
  1. When disassembling bike please use appropriative maintenance tools.
  1. Please repair bike with flameout. If the bike needs to be repaired while engine is working, please do it at a well ventilated place, because the exhaust gas from bike contains poisonous Carbon monoxide. Gas is easy to burn or explode, so do not smoke or ignite at maintenance place.
  1. The electrolyte of battery consists of vitriol. If eyes, skin and clothes are spattered with electrolyte, completely clean it with water. Seriously, please go to hospital.
  1. There is hydrous gas from battery, which is flammable and explosive, so do not smoke, ignite fire nearby.
  1. Important load distribution could have an impact on the performance and stability of the bike so Fix all the load tightly on the bike, never put the load on steering head, front fender, and front fork.

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