What are the Unique Features of Storm 125 that other’s don’t have in 125 class?

Outstanding Features of Storm 125:

1. Italian Technology with EURO-2 (Engine) Emission Standards.
2. Ravi Piaggio has 126cc Engine with modern combustion chamber and auto adjustable over head valve mechanism developed by Italian Engineers which results a petrol average of 60 KM / LITER.
3. Ravi Piaggio has most modern Ayrodynamic Body Shapes.
4. Ravi Piaggio has Self Start and Kick Start (dual) feature.
5. Ravi Piaggio has parking light and passing light.
6. Ravi Piaggio has 16 Liters Fuel Tank.
7. Front and Rear suspensions are most comfortable in its class because of its Long Wheel Base.
8. Ravi Piaggio has front disc unit at left side and rear drum brake at right side, order as well as its brake shoes are wider for best breaking efficiency which ensures the safety on road.

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