What is the initial running of a bike (break in procedure)?

The initial running phase of the bike is called break in procedure. Break in procedure is very important for a new bike which will have a direct impact on the service life. Maintain a bike during and after the first break in procedure will assure the future best performance and long term durability.

Pay attention to the following during the break in procedure:

1- For the first 1000 km keep the engine speed below 6500 rpm in all gears and bike speed must be below 60 km/h and avoid riding at the same speed for a long distance.
2- Frequently inspect the connecting parts for tightness; tighten brakes, order clutch, prescription throttle, chain free play, tyre pressure and engine nut bolts as necessary.
3- Check whether the bike transmission system and brake system is overheating, if has find out the reason and solve the problem.
4- Replace the engine oil and clean air filter element every 500 km during break in.
5- Warm engine up before operating, and limit speed during first 1 ~ 5 kms.
6- Change the speed as load increased to avoid the engine wear or damage, do not overload the engine.
7- Avoid hard breaking.

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