Which lube oil should I use for Ravi bike and when it needs to change?

Lube oil does in a bike like blood circulate in a human body, ailment so lube oils must be multi grade, viagra 100mg efficient and clean to protect engine parts by performing its 9 basic functions (mentioned below).
For Ravi-Piaggio products use only API (American Petroleum Institute) standard lube oils. Current API service categories include SM, online SL and SJ for gasoline engines; All previous service designations are obsolete, although motorcycle oils commonly still use SF/SG standards.
Use lube oils marketed by well reputed companies in Pakistan. You can use Caltex, Shell and Castrol 4 stroke oils, 10W40 in cold weather and 20W50 is recommended in hot weather.
For best performance of Ravi-Piaggio machines, lube oil must be changed at the completion of first 500 kilometres; subsequently during periodic maintenance at every 1500 ~ 1800 kilometres engine oil must be changed.

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